The Good

Don't get it twisted New Mexico is a cool place. I want it to be awesome and so do scores of others. Most of us though are willing to admit that we have some work to do. Here is some of the good to be found in New Mexico today.

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The Bad

Here is a bunch of shit that we don't like to talk about but, well, it needs to be said.

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The Truth

Rather than hide behind a false reality I would much rather have a realistic conversation about how we can effect change and make this place better for everyone.

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Searching For Answers

Why would I waste my time just to complain about what is wrong with New Mexico. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to complain about but that is not the point of this place. This place is here to, hopefully, foster honest conversation about what we can do to actually make this a better place to live.

Not just for the rich, the entitled, or a politically connected. Rather for the hard working American that gets up and busts ass everyday just to pay their bills and hopefully save a little for retirement each month.

I want to see changes come to New Mexico that lower our tax burden, create surplus in our coffers, give our children world class education, take care of our homeless and mentally ill, and provide a world class infrastructure. That is going to take a lot of work. We are currently running top 5 in the bad things and bottom 5 in the good things. I want to effect the change that it takes to reverse that.

Hopefully with my voice and the voices of others we can come together to turn New Mexico into a better place to live.

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Next Steps... Patreon

Coming soon..... Patreon. If you haven't heard of Patreon it is a way for people to give small amounts to help support something they believe in. This is something that if it is going to survive I would like the community to help it survive. I am going to have to put in the hours to make it work, with a little help from you it can be viable.

So please consider giving a monthly contribution if you want to support what you see here and can afford it.... Thanks.