Should I sell products?

I do not know if I am going to sell anything. That really wasn't what I had in mind when I created this site. Yet, It may be worth it to make some New Mexico True DAT T-shirts at some point if enough of you people want something like that let me know.

Do you know how to design stuff?

If you know how to design things and want to help, contact me through the contact page and perhaps I can use your assistance in some way.


Still not selling anything in this page either.

Dang thats a lot of products

A third spot for me to sell a product that I do not have.

Talk more about your products here.

Uhhmm well if I had some products I would talk in more detail about them here but I don't so I won't!

Talk more about your products here.

Still more blathering about products I do not have.

Next Steps...

Will probably put something about Patreon here once I have added that as an option.